What we offer


We provide non-stigmatising and non-paternalistic, evidence-based information that is useful for anyone who engages in sexualised substance use, Party and Play/High and Horny/Chemsex sessions and for those in the LGBTI+ community who use substances. We facilitate the exercise of a fundamental health right, “access to key information”, needed to make more responsible decisions and to better manage the pleasures and risks associated with substance use, sexuality and combination of these two.


Maximising pleasure and harm reduction involves understanding the multiple factors that influence the effects of substances and the management of their use.


If you still have questions, we can answer them! If you require more personalised attention, we offer advice on risk and harm reduction.

Check your Chems

The analysis of those substances distributed on the illegal drug market makes it possible to know the real composition and to detect possible adulterants or fraud.