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Through the Check your Chems, we make it easy for users to access key information about aspects that can influence their experience and health. We offer the possibility of knowing the composition of the substances distributed in non-regulated markets, their possible adulterants and the purity/concentration of the active compounds. This information is useful for people to make freer and more responsible decisions. The service guarantees personalized advice free of moralistic judgments, based on scientific evidence and respect for individuals.

It incorporates the approach to sexualities, diversity and sexual health to offer adequate care to any person, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, who uses psychoactive substances in sexual contexts. It also offers drug users from the LGBTI+ community a space of trust, without external judgments.

How do we do it?

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Analytical Techniques

Check your Chems

Substance analysis from a public health perspective


Prevention, risk and damage reduction

By providing accurate information on the composition of substances and the presence of adulterants, analytical services can contribute to the prevention of poisoning and other risks associated with adulteration.. The information they provide is very useful for services that serve substance users, because it allows preventive and risk reduction information to be evidence-based.


Promotion of education and the informed decision making

These services enable users to know the actual composition of the substances they use, helping them to make informed and conscious decisions about their use.


Promoting dialoguey the trust

Screening services can act as a bridge between trained professionals and users, providing a safe and confidential space to address questions, concerns and worries related to substance use.


Identification of hazardous substances

Analysis services, aimed at the user population, can quickly detect the appearance on the market of particularly dangerous or highly potent substances, such as New Drugs or highly adulterated substances. This information enables the implementation of specific harm reduction interventions and notification to Early Warning Systems, allowing health professionals and users to be alerted to the risks associated with these substances;


Monitoring of the unregulated market;

The service allows tracking changes in the composition, purity and prevalence of drugs in circulation. Analysis of substance samples can identify emerging market trends that provide valuable information about drug market dynamics at the local, national, and international levels.


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Chemsafe es un proyecto que ofrece información, análisis de sustancias y asesoramiento sobre sexualidades.

Chemsafe és un projecte que ofereix informació, anàlisis de susbstàncies i assessorament sobre sexualitats.

Chemsafe is a project that provides information, drug checking and sexuality advice.