International Results 2022


Since 2014, the International Analysis Service has examined more than 7,000 samples of substances, sent from different parts of the world. In this section, you will find the results obtained in the last year.

About the results

By publishing these results, we seek to raise awareness about the situation in the markets for unregulated substances, especially about adulteration in most of them, including pharma and hormones. Consider the following before analyzing the results:


  • Only the results of the sample you plan to consume have preventive, as this is the only way to know if it is adulterated or not.


  • The service also allows the quantification of substances to determine their purity or concentration;


  • Unregulated markets are dynamic and opaque, which may cause changes in the adulterations used or the quality of the substance; Therefore, the data collected here do not reflect the current reality of the markets.

Support! Don’t Punish

We want to show our support and solidarity with all people who use substances in any context and face the risks of prohibition.

Especially, those living in countries with a high level of punitive policieswhere they do not have the option of testing the substances before consumption and where the adulterants The most dangerous samples are more common (according to official data that have been made public in relation to adulterated samples that have even led to the death of people).

In addition, we want to make visible the need to replace the current moralistic model with one that is based on human rights and the care of people’s health.

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Chemsafe es un proyecto que ofrece información, análisis de sustancias y asesoramiento sobre sexualidades.

Chemsafe és un projecte que ofereix informació, anàlisis de susbstàncies i assessorament sobre sexualitats.

Chemsafe is a project that provides information, drug checking and sexuality advice.