Sexualidades Psicoactivas

The four dimensions that determine the effects of substances and the management of their sexualized use

Have you ever wondered why the same substance, consumed at different times, can also have different effects? Or have you thought about what aspects should be taken into account to be able to use them, in a sexual context, without them having a negative impact on your daily life?

This section is divided into four themes, which correspond to the dimensions and factors that influence the effects of substances and their sexualized use. It is important to take each of these into account; failure to do so may mean that the experience will not be pleasurable or may even be negative.

The following elements also provide insight into the multifactorial nature of substance use, its management and its implications for sexuality.





La identidad y los factores personales.


El contexto y los entornos de consumo.


La sexualidad y las prácticas sexuales.

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