Sexuality and sexual practices

In this section you will find specific information and advice related to some of the most common practices, but it is also important to stop and think about how we feel about our sexuality.

We are sexed beings from the moment we are born until we die, and this is expressed differently throughout our lives. Unfortunately, we live in a society that educates us to have rejection and prejudice towards our sexuality.

Accepting it and developing it with freedom and satisfaction is possible if there is communication, care and intimacy. Rejection of her can lead to lack of bonding, feelings of sexual dissatisfaction and loneliness. To avoid this, it is not necessary to fall into the myths of romantic love.

If we only relate from disconnection, superficiality, not being able to enjoy our sexuality freely, without prejudices and create one or more intimate links, the use of psychoactives substances in a sexual context can end up being a problem.

Finding a balance can sometimes be difficult and only possible if we question how we have been brought up, how our desire has been constructed, from where we build relationships and what implications it has on our sexuality.

Sexual practices with drugs

The range of possible sexual practices is very wide. Some people find exciting or pleasurable activities that others do not. The potential risks are very different in terms of the practices carried out.

The use of certain drugs can have different effects in the sexual sphere, from increasing duration, to becoming sexually uninhibited, to being able to enjoy practices that involve some pain, and even to feel more intimate towards a person or group. At the same time, the pleasure we seek in their combination also involves risks, which vary according to the substance and the practice. Knowing them will help you make better choices, have more fun and protect your health.

Online Advice
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Chemsafe es un proyecto que ofrece información, análisis de sustancias y asesoramiento sobre sexualidades.

Chemsafe és un projecte que ofereix informació, anàlisis de susbstàncies i assessorament sobre sexualitats.

Chemsafe is a project that provides information, drug checking and sexuality advice.