We will devote this section to substances, a heterogeneous group of substances that have in common only a varying degree of social stigma. Much of the information available on substances has an exaggerated, paternalistic and moralizing approach. But for people who use them, or intend to use them, it is essential to have realistic and objective information about their effects. Only in this way is it possible to make free and responsible decisions, focused on maximizing pleasure and reducing risks. A well-informed user is much more likely to achieve responsible, non-problematic use;



Female Hormones

Male Hormones

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Chemsafe es un proyecto que ofrece información, análisis de sustancias y asesoramiento sobre sexualidades.

Chemsafe és un projecte que ofereix informació, anàlisis de susbstàncies i assessorament sobre sexualitats.

Chemsafe is a project that provides information, drug checking and sexuality advice.