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Chem-Safe is a Risk Reduction project that provides information, substance analysis and counseling on sexualities for pleasure and risk management.


Chem-Safe is a Risk and Harm Reduction project of the Spanish Energy Control program that provides information, substance analysis and sexuality counseling on substance use in a diverse population, from a pleasure and risk management approach. We count on the close collaboration of SEXus and other programs and services of the ABD Group. We especially target anyone, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, who uses psychoactive substances in sexual contexts, the diversity of people who participate in Chemsex /Party and Play sessions and the LGBTI+ community who use substances.


The project began its development in 2016, in collaboration with other expert organizations in sexual health and LGBTI+ to specifically address Chemsex/Party and Play in Spain. On November 1, 2017, the website was launched, becoming the first website in Spanish on the topic. Since then, Chem-Safe has been recognized and awarded for its good practices by various organizations, becoming an international reference in the field of drugs. In turn, the population served has expanded, being diverse in terms of practices, sexual orientations, identities and nationalities.


The project has a major presence in the cities of Barcelona and Madrid, but its scope of action extends nationwide in Spain. However, the analysis service is offered internationally and in the Spanish regions of Andalusia, Balearic Islands, Catalonia and Madrid (Energy Control headquarters).


We provide non-stigmatizing and non-paternalistic information, based on evidence and useful for users. We facilitate the exercise of a fundamental right in health, “access to key information”, necessary to make more responsible decisions and improve the management of the pleasures and risks associated with substance use, sexuality and its combination. We achieve this through various activities and strategies focused on information, substance analysis and sexuality counseling.

Risk Reduction

Pleasure and Risk Management

Risk and pleasure management is an approach that seeks to reduce the harms associated with drug use in any context, while respecting people’s individual rights and freedoms. 

This approach recognizes that drug use can provide pleasure and benefits to some people, but can also pose risks to health, safety and social welfare.

It is a process by which people seek to balance the pursuit of pleasure and satisfaction with the minimization of the risks and negative consequences associated with certain behaviors.

In the area of sexual health and substance use, pleasure and risk management involves making informed and conscious decisions about how to enjoy pleasurable experiences while reducing potential harm or unintended consequences. This involves knowing the risks associated with particular practices or substances, understanding how to minimize those risks through harm reduction, and taking appropriate protective measures.

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Chemsafe es un proyecto que ofrece información, análisis de sustancias y asesoramiento sobre sexualidades.

Chemsafe és un projecte que ofereix informació, anàlisis de susbstàncies i assessorament sobre sexualitats.

Chemsafe is a project that provides information, drug checking and sexuality advice.